FeedbackFeedback LoopLoop

Drawings/Music Video with Rebecca Carter
Project Space, Gallery 500X
Dallas, TX

Page x: The four domains of truth

is a recent exhibition of drawings and music/video resulting from a collaboration between Rebecca Carter, radical philosopher Alain Badiou, and myself. Ok, Badiou was the silent partner… he is not aware of this collaboration. FeedbackFeedbackLoopLoop responds to conversations, research, and moments of inspiration linked to Rebecca’s and my collaborative reading of Badiou’s 1982 text, The Theory of the Subject.

Inspired by Badiou’s beautiful language and his theories of Truth, dialectics, and Subjects, we created a call and response drawing structure resulting in triptychs. The first drawing in each triptych, (the call) responds to a page in the text (pictured in the center). The second drawing, (the response) must be a compositional homology to the first drawing. The resulting dialectical triptychs, image-text-image, contain both returns to and flights from the original text.

Extending the dialogical play of the drawings, we also rewrote the music of the 60s “bad girl band”, The Shangri-Las. Our new song—The Lieder of the Pact—explores both the joys of textual possibilities and the resistance to the authority of the text.


Installation shot from the show at 500x.


Page 13: Any contradiction is fundamentally asymmetrical

Page 59: a-specific, beyond necessity, absolutely out-of-place, unsplaceable, unfigurable


Page 63: That which grounds the possibility of thinking suffers a shipwreck in the unthinkable


Page 159: Render the highest kind of justice to the visible universe

More drawings coming soon.