Stop. Collaborate. Listen.

Video projection on the Omni Hotel, Dallas


“Stop. Collaborate. Listen.” uses the concept of Hendiatris, a rhetorical device that conveys a broad concept—or motto—through three terms or phrases, such as “eat, drink, and be merry” or “lawyers, guns, and money” or “live, love, and learn.”

From the press release: “The biggest canvas in Dallas – the four curved walls outside the Omni Hotel – will feature new video art works from media artists Kari Altmann, Frank Campagna, Tim Capper concept, Ryan Hartsell Animation, Wes Martin written by and Music and Effects, Rebecca Carter, Jeff Gibbons, Andrea Goldman, Mona Kasra, Kyle Kondas, Phil Lamb, Shane Mecklenburger, Mike Morris, Ted Setina, Carolyn Sortor, and Jenny Vogel. Curated by Carolyn Sortor, Bart Weiss, and Mike Morris. The program will kick off at 8:00 pm [September 26, 2012] with audio simulcast on KXT 91.7 FM.”

A short clip of my piece plays right after the commercial