The Lieder of the Pact (me & ooooo #3 with Rebecca Carter)


3 minute 8 second video

Collaboration with Rebecca Carter

Lieder of the Pact includes appropriated YouTube footage of the 1960s girl band, The Shangri-Las, performing for television. With homophonous English sub-titles we reconstruct their “Leader of the Pack” as our “Lieder of the Pact.” Where the original song connects romance and rebellion within a constrained matrix of gender and social relations, we re-imagine it to reveal love transformed into desire for knowledge, a fight against nihilism, and the possibility of new ways of reading old things that hide in plain sight in the original. Originally this video was part of an exhibition, FeedbackFeedbackLoopLoop, with twelve collaborative call and response drawing triptychs – our response to reading Alain Badiou’s The Theory of the Subject, together.

The video is also installment #3 in my project me & ooooo, an ongoing effort where I ask people to read books with me and make collaborative songs in response.